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Bliv en del af INSTANT CITY, et forskningsprojekt, hvor du kan vinde daglige præmier!
Pre-projektet Instant City i Aalborg, er et smartphone setup og på fredag vil vi besøge grupperummene og forklare om projektet, og hjælpe med at installere appen. Vi håber at se dig der!
Husk at ’like’ vores Facebook side hvor vi vil annoncere vinderne.
Læs mere om projektet her nedenfor og besøg vores hjemmeside

Become a part of INSTANT CITY, a research project where you can win daily prizes. It is free, quick and easy.

We are three master thesis students from Urban Design and we are currently preparing our master’s thesis; Liveable Auckland – transforming urban spaces.

The project addresses the use of new tracking technologies to analyse how people use the city in order to identify strategies for improvement in urban spaces. The project will take place in Auckland New Zealand where we use GPS technology for smartphones to locate the patterns of people’s movement. The pre project Instant City in Aalborg this November, is a smartphone setup where the citizens instantly inform the research with their perception, use and experience of their city. The pre-project is carried out in collaboration with your Study Board at Architecture and Design, and will create knowledge of university students’ relation to their city in a Scandinavian context.
We therefore need you! We are interested in learning, what the city is to you and how you experience it in your everyday life!
All you have to do is to download the app, answer a few daily questions and upload some pictures, all quick and easy through the smartphone application. It is completely free and anonymous, it might cost you extra battery charging, and 10 seconds daily efforts in replying our requested questions. Please see the poster for download details.
The app will track your movements in the city and by participating in the test, you will help us answer research questions within the themes:
1. Walkability
2. Safety
3. Human scale
4. Neighbourhood
5. Infrastructure and mobility
6. Shopping areas
7. Green areas
8. Your city

By participating, you can of course win prices! We have 4 gift certificates to ArchiTegn and to win them you have to collect points in the app by answering surveys and uploading photos. Please join our Facebook page where we will announce the winners.

On Friday, November 21st we will visit the group rooms to explain about the project, and help you download the app and get you started. We hope to see you there!

Thank you for reading. We hope that you would like to participate and help us improve our thesis! If you have any questions or suggestions to the project, you are very welcome to contact us. For contact details or information about the project, please visit our webpage or write an email to


//June, Michael and Rikke – MSc. Urban Design A&D

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