What Graduation Gifts Do the Graduates Want?

While rummaging through all those diverse graduation gift ideas for college students that come into mind, we may bump into an assortment of puzzles and conundrums pertinent to what they want. Simply put, while we brainstorm ideas for their presents, we diligently strive to come up with a perfect something because it would be our utmost desire to have our gifts highly pleasing to them. Nonetheless, since there can be several choices from the pool of gift ideas and considering the numerous variables to be taken into account, arriving at final choices may be confusing…or may be simple.

Some may ask, wouldn’t it be much easier if we would just ask our graduates straight on what they want? Seems not a bad idea and sounds simple enough, eh? But delving down deeper, the answers may be a bit confusing and overwhelming which makes the question better left unasked.

Why? For one, a big number of the graduates may just opt to be tactful and be hesitant to give an answer. They might just convey that anything given, no matter how big or small, would already be very meaningful and gratifying to them. As such, this answer would make the thoughts of the gift-giver go back to square one – coming up with gift ideas for college graduation.

But on the other side of the coin, some graduates may be bold enough to blurt out something they want especially when the ones asking are very close ones. They might convey in their reply, albeit in jest but maybe with some subtle hint of seriousness, that they want a new flashy Ferrari, a new Bugatti Veyron, a new Porsche Carrera, a new Dodge Viper, a new Lamborghini Murceliago, a new Maserati, a new Mclaren, a large-sized fully furnished condo unit with a 120-inch plasma tv with complete DVD home theatre system, a top of the line luxury Rolex, Cartier, Omega wristwatch, or even a house and lot!

Whew! No doubt, these items, when given as college graduation gifts, would definitely be appealing and blissful to every college graduate to their heaven-like satisfaction.

But would the would-be gift givers take these answers seriously?  The college graduates definitely hope so!

However in the real scheme of things, these gifts are way up to be coveted…well, unless you are Bill Gates or Warren Buffet…loose change. But even if these gifts can be afforded by the gift-giver who may have plenty to spare, are they that practical to be given? The answers may vary depending on the giver, but then again, giving presents to the graduates should not be gauged on how expensive or cheap the gifts are. The true essence lies in the act of the giving itself.

Obviously, our society and culture has duly evolved into something where lifestyles, habits, comfort zones, and daily routines are highly influenced by the latest innovations, fads, and gizmos. Due to their tremendous impact in making our lives easy and entertaining since the Stone Age, these things have made every tot, adult, and elderly want them in their possession.

Being so, knowing what these wants are may be a good starting point in brainstorming for gift ideas. Keep in mind that our beloved college graduates are already adults and grown-ups. It might be a good first step to formulate some questions such as:

Do they want an Ipod? Do they want a laptop? Do they want a graduation gift card?  Do they want food gift baskets? Do they want kitchen gadgets?  Do they want a complete set of Callaway golf clubs? Do they want a treadmill or any fitness equipment? Do they want pets such as dogs or cats?  Do they want PDA phones? Do they want a travel luggage? Do they want the latest signature apparels? Do they want the latest signature shoes? Do they want good quality watches? Do they want jewelry? Do they want month-long vacation somewhere in Hawaii, the Carribean, or the Shengen countries in Europe? Do they want cellphones? Do they want a modest or flashy home entertainment system? Do they want digital cameras? Do they want a nice suit or business attire? Do they want a refrigerator? …and the list could go on.

Whatever the intended presents are, one good idea in coming up with perfect gifts for grads is to ensure that these things will substantially, if not, fully satisfy the wants of the graduates. This in, in turn, would make the gifts become so meaningful to them that it stays within the depths of their hearts for a very long time knowing that they have in their possession what they wanted.

Going to another question, “How do we find out what the graduates want without asking them directly”?

For starters, it might pay off to indirectly or discreetly ask some individuals, from plain acquaintances to close ones or to someone who happens to know a little bit something or everything about the college graduate. These could be professors, instructors, parents, sibling, or other relatives.

Ashton Kingly, certified writer at canadaessaywriter.com says:”The answers coming from these people might vary though but you might get something out of it like being able to know that your graduate may be wanting a nice driver alert device. In any case, being able to gather just even few information about the personality, hobbies, and lifestyle of the graduates might lead to something perfect to be given as a graduation gift!” So that is why to some, they may find this tedious or so time consuming yet to some this may just be the right direction to go in order to arrive at something whose meaning can endure the tests of time.